PREMIERE: Trulz & Robin feat. Robert Owens – Inside of Me (Ost & Kjex Remix)

The third and final selection of remixes of Trulz & Robin’s fantastic recent album ‘Out of Sync’ come from FUSED, FreedomB, Robomatic, Ost & Kjex and Trulz & Robin.

The recent album was another triumph for this acclaimed Scandinavian duo Trulz & Robin as it mixed up their love of house and techno with hooky synths, funky drums and plenty of warm analogue machines. Now, one of its standout tracks, ‘Inside Of Me’ featuring Robert Owens, gets a series of new reworks.

First up is a brilliantly colourful rework from label regulars and well-known disco innovators Ost & Kjex who reinvent ‘Inside of Me’ as a floor ready and engaging affair. FreedomB has dropped his leftfield take on house and tech on labels like Knee Deep In Sound, Sola, and Elrow, so sits right at the forefront of the underground. He draws from the classic 90s sound here with a deep and pulsing house rework that is lit up by increasingly happy piano chords and a fat bassline. Next up is a mix from FUSED, which was once a duo but is now a solo concern for Max Reich, who was a key part of The Shapeshifters for many years, amongst many other things. He goes big with his remix, which has bulky, low-slung drums, bright synth stabs and a darkly alluring vocal that will light up peak-time floors.

Robomatic is an enigmatic producer from Oslo who transcends genres with his interweaving bleeps, bloops and captivating synths that join the dots between Drexciya, Kraftwerk and plenty in between. His remix of ‘Inside of Me’ is a crispy and kinetic electro workout with popping drums and spitting hits, tripped-out synth manipulation and a dark twist on the Robert Owen vocal. The package closes with a stripped back, acid house inspired gem from Trulz & Robin themselves as they deliver their ‘DJ Dub’.

All five of these mixes offer brilliantly new perspectives on the originals.

We are presenting the remix from Ost & Kjex.

‘Out of Sync Remixes Part 3’ will be available via Snick Snack Music after the 5th of April HERE.