PREMIERE: Xploding Plastix – I Only Have To Be Faster Than You

Hot on the heels of their latest album, Xploding Plastix returns to Beatservice Records with their mesmerising new ‘Thus’ EP.

2023 saw the production pairing of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen made a hiatus-breaking return as Xploding Plastix with acclaimed new album ‘This Is Accurate’, which carried on the ground-breaking work that helped put them on the musical map throughout the ’00s. After taking time out to score music for film, TV, and video games, the stylistically adventurous duo continue their rebirth here with nine gorgeously immersive cuts that brilliantly convey their unparalleled sonic scope.

Launching the collection in striking fashion, the otherworldly textures of ‘Thus I’ set a dramatic tone, with off-kilter melodies and divergent synths entwined over jagged drums across a captivating arrangement. The energy effortlessly rises on ‘We Are All Plausible Characters’, where pounding rhythms power hyperactive melodies into a life-affirming crescendo of boundless vigour. Maintaining this pair’s famously genre-defying style, ‘Dim Calculations’ sees an abstract top-line meandering over throbbing drums and hyper-atmospheric harmonics as the elastic rhythm gently disorientates. Arriving like an alien lullaby, ‘Healing A Social Wound’ entrances as it unfurls while bittersweet harmonies glide over rolling drums and thick synth bass.

Drifting ever further into the unknown, the haunting swirls and aberrant rhythms of ‘No Rebooting’ bring powerful and brooding waves of mood-altering magic before the cinematic ‘I Would Prefer Not To’ blends poignant strings with floating melodics over an arresting arrangement. The quick-fire rhythms of ‘Optimal Bread’ provide a bracing change of pace, landing like an off-world anthem as the mighty lead melody soars into the stratosphere. Next, ‘I Only Have To Be Faster Than You’ bursts into life with heavy synth textures cascading over erratic drums and snarling bass. Finally, ‘Thus You’ completes the narrative arc with rising and falling motifs, creating a mysteriously satisfying reprise.

Bold, engaging, and immaculately produced, ‘Thus’ EP is a vivid reminder of the uniquely creative minds that are Xploding Plastix.

We are presenting the eight track ‘I Only Have To Be Faster Than You’.

‘Thus’ EP will be available after the 5th of April HERE.