PREMIERE: sr² – Serenität

Embarking on their 17th sonic sojourn shrouded in enigmatic allure and veiled in mystery, Observant presents ‘Geschlossene Räume’ EP, the debut release of sr² — a purposeful new moniker of a well-known figure in the techno circuit since 2007. Formed to direct attention exclusively to music, eschewing the distractions of self-presentation, personality, and persona, it stands as an cryptic entity, a calculated construct devoted to the core of artistic expression.

This Leipzig-based producer sr² presents three originals with a muscular onslaught advocated through all his years of experience producing, teaching, and running a record label. Further fortifying this release are two prodigious remixers, MSDMNR and Oxygeno, based in Berlin and Lugo respectively, packing that cutting-edge ballistics and unapologetic sophistication to temper techno’s thriving contemporary.

Within the shadows of ‘Geschlossene Räume’, sr² crafts a world where gritty, mechanical rhythms intertwine with heady dissonant stabs, casting a spell of haunted otherworldly wonder. ‘Serenität’ offers a moment of respite with its skippy drums and sizzling subs that unexpectedly lead into a blossoming chord progression, beckoning the first rays of sunlight with an emotional heft. Full of strange rustling intertwined textures and chopped drones, ‘Zugmaschine’ is dark with absolutely no sign of any light around the corner.

In the realm of remixes, MSDMNR’s version of ‘Geschlossene Räume’ unveils cinematic sci-fi allure from the get-go, consistently keeping the original synth loop in focus, contrasted by the drum programming. Reimagining those textural layers from ‘Zugmaschine’ into his auditory kaleidoscope, Oxygeno spews a synthetic brew of articulated noises that swirl and throb over rippling kick drums and subs.

We are presenting the second track ‘Serenität’.

‘Geschlossene Räume’ EP will be available after the 25th of April HERE.