DLV: I’m exploring different sounds that feel more in line with who I am now

Berlin based DJ and producer DLV will kick-start his new label venture, Misguided on April 12th with ‘Untold Secrets’. The 4-track EP includes newcomer KTK on the credits and presents an auspicious new dawn for DLV seeing him move into a new musical direction, shifting his style from his previous work. Misguided rebels against mainstream trends, a vision to have a label that embraces diversity and creative freedom. Breakbeat, techno, house, it will be a home for all.

DLV has been on a fast-track towards techno prominence ever since the release of his acclaimed ‘Rave Instructor’ EP. His industrious work ethic has gained him deserved recognition from scene torchbearers such as Amelie Lens, Dax J and Kobosil.

Launching on the 12th April, Misguided Label will host a special release party at Grelle Forelle in Vienna with Obscure Shape, Ruiz Osc 1, DLV & KTK.

In this interview we talked with DLV about his new musical direction, collaboration with KTK and future plans for Misguided Label.

So, tell us why you want to change the sound you have been producing, and why now? Do you feel there is a need for your sound to evolve?

Sure! I’ve felt a change in what inspires me musically lately. The techno scene, especially the harder styles, has been speeding up and getting more intense. While I respect that, I’ve realized it’s not quite my vibe anymore. I think it’s important to stay true to myself as an artist, so I’m exploring different sounds that feel more in line with who I am now. It’s not about following trends but about finding what truly speaks to me creatively. This shift is just a natural part of my artistic journey, and I’m excited to see where it takes me!

The release is a brand new collab with KTK, can you tell us more about this artist and how you got connected with her music?

The collaboration with KTK on this release has been an exciting journey. It all started when I stumbled upon her online, intrigued by the unique blend of sounds and innovative approach she brought to her music. We eventually crossed paths in Berlin, and after chatting, we realized we shared a mutual admiration for each other’s work. That initial connection sparked the idea of collaborating on a project together. Working with KTK has been incredibly rewarding; her fresh perspective and creative energy have added a new dimension to the music we’ve created. Collaborating with her has truly been a collaborative and enriching experience.

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Do you have a favourite track on the new EP ‘Untold Secrets’? If so, why?

It’s tough to choose just one! Each track on the EP represents a different facet of the idea behind shaping a new sound. They all have their unique characteristics, but what ties them together is their focus on the low end. Depending on my mood or the situation, I might have a different favourite track. But if I had to light up a dance floor, I’d say ‘Flamma Magica’ is the track of choice. It perfectly embodies my roots with its funky and hip-hop elements, including cuts and scratches, and most importantly, it’s got a nice bounce to it.

Does taking your sound in a new direction seem scary for you, in how fans may react?

I strongly believe that fear is just an illusion. When you create from a place of honesty and authenticity, your art speaks for itself. Creating from pure joy and passion resonates with the audience in a genuine way. While I understand that some fans may miss the old DLV sound, I’ve never felt more fulfilled making music. Letting go of concerns about what others might think has been liberating. What matters most to me is following my passion and staying true to why I make music in the first place.

Talking of your fans, how do to connect with them as well as promote yourself successfully as an artist on social media?

Connecting with my supporters and promoting myself on social media has been quite a journey. I took a pause and spent some time in Valencia, digging deep into why music means so much to me.
I’ve realized that having a huge following doesn’t necessarily mean my music is better. It’s about the passion and purpose behind what I create.
Social media is a powerful tool, but it’s important to know who I am as an artist and what my music represents. It’s not just about being online; it’s about reaching the right audience with content that’s real and valuable.
I aim to create content that speaks directly to my supporters, showing them who I am through my music and visuals. It’s all about being genuine and letting my passion shine through.

After the launch, what is next for Misguided and yourself?

After the launch, Misguided and I have some exciting plans in the pipeline. We’re looking forward to continuing our mission of pushing the boundaries of electronic music while sidestepping trends. Our goal is to release 4-5 vinyl records this year, each representing a unique facet of our vision for the label. Collaborating with talented artists like Obscure Shape, Ruiz Osc1, Lacchesi, and many more, we’ll explore new territories while staying true to our principles. Additionally, we’re gearing up for a defining VA compilation that will further solidify Misguided’s distinctive identity.
Personally, I’m focused on refining my sound even further and working on an album that I plan to perform live in the future.

‘Untold Secrets’ EP will be available on both vinyl and digital from the 12th April HERE.