Klubikon Podcast 173 – Nicola d’Angella

The 173rd Klubikon Podcast is mixed by the Italian house DJ and producer Nicola D’Angella.

Nicola d’Angella, a Puglian native born in the 2000s, witnessed the zenith of minimal music shaping the era’s trends and ethos. Influential venues like Mandarino and Clorophilla were trendsetters, their pulsating beats captivating many, including Nicola, alongside thousands of youths.

Driven by a passion for club culture, Nicola aspired to be a pivotal part of this scene, channeling his music through hip-hop influences and the raw sounds emblematic of his personality and Puglia’s dynamic culture. His productions are marked by a distinct, robust groove, finding homes on esteemed labels such as Sk, Issues, Viva Music, and Raw Thentic. His tracks have climbed the Beatport charts, supported by industry giants like Michael Bibi, Cloonee, Detlef, Marco Carola, Mahony, among others.

Now, Nicola D’Angella launched his new label Raw Cuts with his own ‘Ssociety’ EP which exemplifies his raw-yet-soulful, stripped-back style.

Listen to the 173rd Klubikon Podcast mixed by Nicola d’Angella and read what he says about it below.

“When I face the challenge of preparing a mix or a podcast, I find myself immersed in a compelling dilemma. Unlike a live set, I don’t have the audience in front of me, ready to react and engage with what I propose. In this solitary environment, it’s just me and my music, tasked with creating something that conveys the intensity and purity of my emotions.

In a mix, each track becomes a reflection of my soul, an intimate story that I seek to narrate through captivating rhythms and engaging melodies. Choosing the best tracks of 2023 was just the beginning: I searched for those loaded with groove and powerful basslines that could best communicate my emotional state at that time. The result is a journey through sound that I hope will resonate with whoever listens to it in the future, carrying forward the narrative I’ve begun, transmitting emotions, and connecting souls through music.” – Nicola d’Angella

01. Soer Kyt – LaLaLa
02. Prok & Fitch – Naughty
03. Kai Rodriguez – The Thrill
04. MANT – No Turning Back
05. Gabriele Toma – Lit Bit
06. Ben Sterling, Bodeler – Uno Dos Tres
07. SIDE B – 3 and 4
08. Aaron Klugg – Snakez
09. Dot N Life – Jenny from the Block
10. Marco Strous – Slay
11. Side B – One Party

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