PREMIERE: nespit & Comfortless – Level

Tripalium Corp presents ‘Warcrime’ EP by nespit & Comfortless, the eight release in their Tripalium Mind Fucked series.

Comfortless and nespit are two cousins separated by the war, trying to continue producing their music in spite of their situation in war-torn countries.

‘Warcrime’ EP is a mix of black groove, hard drums and unpredictable wobbles, inspired by the neurofunk and dark breakbeat scene of the 2000’s. ‘Level’, ‘Smoky’, ‘Deathmatch’, and ‘Eyelash’, four tracks for the brain and the legs, following the same belief: make fucking drum & bass, not war!

We are presenting the opening track ‘Level’.

‘Warcrime’ EP will be available after the 7th of May HERE.