UN/SER is back on his AMNE Recordings with the three-track techno ‘Aerath’.

AMNE Recordings is an electronic music label established in Berlin by artist UN/SER. His mission is to capture the latent, subconscious forces that propel individuals towards a transcendent state of existence through sonic and visual explorations.

The third release titled ‘Aerath’ for the AMNE label, UN/SER further explores his distinctive groove-driven rhythms with heightened intensity and impact, encouraging the audience to fully immerse themselves in his captivating realm.

‘Refract’ has an uptempo, rolling groove with quirky, bubbling sound effects and a killer bassline. ‘Aerath’ is a more stripped-back cut with abstract sound design and delicate textures creating a detailed techno tapestry. ‘Trading Void’ has a thundering rhythm made of pumping percussion and its angular, modular tones enforce the tough yet dystopian aesthetic.

We are presenting the title track ‘Aerath’.

‘Aerath’ EP will be available after the 26h of April HERE.