PREMIERE: Serkan Eles – Tatha

Serkan Eles drops a mesmerising organic house EP ‘Joy & Euphoria’ via Baikal Nomads that features four spellbinding tracks.

Baikal Nomads is a prestigious record label known for its forward-thinking approach to organic house, and Serkan Eles is making his debut on the imprint following music on other respected outlets such as Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas, Bar 25 and Cafe De Anatolia.

Hailing from Istanbul in Turkey, Serkan Eles is a talented musician who’s transitioned from playing guitar in bands to producing electronic music. His style blends live instrumentation with sequenced percussion and atmospheric synths. Serkan Eles is also a skilled DJ whose enrapturing sets have captivated dance floors at many of Turkey’s most prestigious underground events.

‘Not a Body’ is first of the four tracks, and it’s a downtempo cut with dreamy melodies layered over tense pads and shuffling percussion.

‘Tatha’ is a trippy track with triplet rhythms underpinned by a chugging baseline and deep synth stabs, which combine to create a soaring groove.

‘Joy’ is a moody track with psychedelic guitar chords layered over haunting pads, while the thumping kick drum and shuffling hi-hats hold the groove steady.

‘Euphoria’ brings the release to an epic close with majestic pads and uplifting piano melodies layered with sparkling synths and flowing percussion.

We are presenting the second track ‘Tahta’.

‘Joy & Euphoria’ EP will be available after the 5th of May HERE.