PREMIERE: Sex Judas – High Maintenance

Oslo’s Sex Judas feat. Ricky announces ‘The Book Of Dreams / After Sex’ LP for Norway’s Snick Snack Music. The band’s varied concept album portrays a break-up of epic proportions.

“Are you ready for the big disaster? The moment when everything unravels?

On their third album, Sex Judas feat. Ricky portrays a break-up of astronomical proportions. The band’s mascots, Sex Judas and Ricky, embodied by artist Sindre Goksøyr, find themselves in the midst of a separation, and their feelings are sprayed all over the big screen.

But what is actually going on? Sex Judas feat. Ricky consists of the musicians Tore Gjedrem (Ost & Kjex), Sidiki Camara, Ivar Winther, Tracee Meyn, Tore Brevik, Kristian Edvardsen and Linn Nystadnes, a stellar team part of Oslo’s musical underground. Together, they play a mixture of funk, disco, post-punk, traditional music from Mali and electronica that always moves the dance floor, with two previous critically acclaimed albums on the Scottish Optimo Music and a Norwegian Grammy to show.

Sex Judas’ third album, ‘The Book Of Dreams / After Sex’, is a double disc and a two-part musical affair. In the first part, Sex Judas’ version of the breakup is depicted in a band format, with music inspired by the alternative 80s. Think Grace Jones, Tom Tom Club, DAF, No Wave, and the Compass Point Studio backing band in a blissful cocktail.

In part two, depicting Ricky’s breakdown, the band has created their most experimental music to date in close collaboration with contemporary composer Ole-Henrik Moe. The songs influenced by Ole-Henrik’s tones are fluid and beautifully ambient, with inspiration ranging from 30s and 40s film music, Norwegian folk, contemporary electronica and IDM topped with Moe’s modern string arrangements.” – Snick Snack Music

We are presenting the sixth track ‘High Maintenance’ from Sex Juadas’ first part ‘The Book Of Dreams’.

‘The Book Of Dreams / After Sex’ LP will be available after the 3rd of May HERE.