PREMIERE: Izan Cramer – Plaza de Espanya (Israel Toledo Remix)

Combine Audio label is presenting Izan Cramer’s ‘Barcelona Metropolitan Sound’ EP featuring remixes from Michel Lauriola, Fran LF, Israel Toledo, Finalversion3 and the label boss Paula Cazenave.

Combine Audio is a Barcelona-based techno imprint launched by Paula Cazenave in 2017 that has featured music and remixes from artists like Ben Sims, Ken Ishii, DJ Rush, and Jeroen Search.

Izan Cramer is a Spanish artist bubbling from the Barcelona underground known for his Kraneal parties with Ben Sims, Chris Liberator, Perc and David Meiser. As a producer his quality sound can be heard on H.Paul’s Induxtriall, Xelima and ASS3 as he debuts on Combine Audio with this exciting extended package.

‘Barcelona Metropolitan Sound’ EP consists of five original techno tracks, ‘Jardins de Joan Brossa’, ‘El Carmel’, ‘​​Moog Your Body’, ‘Plaza de Espanya’ and ‘08030’, and complemented remixes from Paula Cazenave, Michel Lauriola, Fran LF, Israel Toledo and Finalversion3.

We are presenting the remix from the Mexican DJ and producer Israel Toledo. ‘Plaza de Espanya’ is the fourth original track with a classic techno sound of harmonic chords and a uptempo, dance floor sound. The ‘Plaza de Espanya’ remix by Israel Toledo adds more layers of rolling percussion and a new sense of vitality.

‘Barcelona Metropolitan Sound’ EP will be available after the 10th of May HERE.