PREMIERE: GR1MES – Flame (Ft Dekoi)

GR1MES presents the fourth introductory EP, ‘Flame’, on Beyonders Music. This release is the last of the individual artist offerings and precedes their debut collective album.

Beyonders is a collective of artists making experimental music from a wide range of genres. The label of the same name has introduced all the artists in the collective so far, J1Mi, NØS, and M4LA, save for Nick Grimes, aka GR1MES, Jolly Damper, and The Din, who debuts here. After this, all artists will collaborate on every release under the collective Beyonders alias.

GR1MES is a seasoned music maker with many strings to his bow and plenty of diverse releases under his belt across a range of aliases. He shows off his creative originality and vocals here on four tracks that come ahead of a full-length later in the year.

The superb ‘Flame’ (Ft Dekoi) kicks off with sultry vocals over deep, pulsing drums and organic guitar riffs. It’s an organic sound sprinkled with percussion and a sense of emotional longing that sounds like Bjork and The Knife meeting around a campfire. The fantastic ‘Atoms Of The Soul’ (Ft Dekoi) is more loose and playful with a flurry of acoustic guitar strings and languid drums. Rhythmic vocals ride the rhythm, and hypnotic harmonica brings a folky feel. The moody ‘Ferme’ is more direct and menacing with soaring synth strings and darker bass soundtracking a late night come down, and last of all ‘Ask and Receive’ twists dub, percussive grooves and warped synths into something paranoid, futuristic and unsettling.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Flame’.

‘Flame’ EP will be available after the 10th of May HERE.