PODCAST 102 – Nikola Mihailović

#House #Progressive #Groove

Mladenovac based DJ and the main guy behind Somewhere in the Neighborhood (SITN) project – Nikola Mihailović, had a very interesting beginning of 2017. Besides working on promoting young DJs he finally started producing and got a chance to play some very interesting gigs in Serbia and Bosnia.

Hey Nikola. Tell us more about the mix you recorded for Klubikon Podcast!

Hey there, so the podcast is a fusion of a more progressive sound and groovy house, perfect for this nice weather. I don’t like restraining from any genre when I choose music, but the one’s I love the most are tech house and progressive.

How did you start listening to electronic music?

It happened during childhood. My dad played me a lot of different music. The Prodigy, The Doors, Tomcraft, Junior Jack, Billy Idol are just some of them. Besides playing he tried to explain who left the biggest impression on him during his younger years. So there you go, blood isn’t water.

Why did you start DJing?

Because I love telling people stories that can’t be told with words and I think it’s priceless going home happy every time after listening to good music.

What’s the last party that left a big impression on you?

It was New Year’s Eve in Depo where Guy J and Mantzur had sets to remember!

You started producing. How is it going and can we expect your first track soon?

Yes, I started producing more seriously at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. I’ve been spending more and more time and effort on it lately. As for the first track you can expect it very soon. It’s going to be a big surprise!

Tell us more about your project SITN!

We started the project with one and only goal, and it’s a third year we are not giving up on it, to promote undiscovered DJs and producers through a series of parties and video podcasts. The idea is to make a stronger connection between younger generations of DJs, to stick together, support each other, sometimes gather around in studios or behind a mix pult and in the same time make a nice party for our listeners.

The music that can be heard in SITN podcasts is mostly underground. Until now we had a chance to host names such as Ilija Djokovic, Peter Portman, Manton, Una Andrea, Teo Trunk and others.

Where can people hear and watch SITN video podcasts?

You can go through SITN video podcasts on our Youtube channel, but, from the next episode we are moving exclusively to our Facebook page.

Is there a particular reason for that?

We are moving to Facebook because of multiple copyright claims from owners of the rights to some tracks.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

On some journey around the world because I love to travel.

Where can we listen to you in near future?

This and next week I have gigs in Štab Pogon club in Pančevo and club Privilege in Kragujevac where I’ll present my project SITN with friends and colleges. After that I have a party in Magacin Depo with Matador, Hito, Lea Dobricic and Ilija Djokovic as well as a gig in Sarajevo based club Silver & Smoke klub – which I’m looking forward to very much. As for the next gigs I’ll give more info on it soon.


01. Theo Kottis – Future Eyes
02. Till Von Sein – Puntarenas
03. Kora – Vayu (Original Mix)
04. Jiggler – Illusions
05. Stelios Vassiloudis – Blood Orange
06. Martin Buttrich – Stoned Autopilot (C2 Version)
07. Javi Green, Guti Legatto – Cassiopea (Luca Lento Remix)
08. Dj Tennis – Chirality
09. Andre Hommen – Reach Out
10. Dachshund – Sense
11. Stefano Richetta – R2D2
12. Subconscious Tales – Helligkeit
13. R.Fentz – Coming Home (Gab Rhome Remix)

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