PREMIERE: Mickey Nox – All The Bodies Were Calm

Driving, tense, industrial, and rave influenced techno sounds on 'Addiction Inheritance' EP from OBSCUUR Records

Utrecht-based independent record label OBSCUUR Records, focused on harsh techno sounds, announced it’s 51. release signed by Australian DJ, live performer and producer Mickey Nox, who runs Green Fetish Records and loves “fucking techno”.

Mickey Nox made ‘Addiction Inheritance’ EP with all analog hardware from his home studio. He wanted to test himself to see what could be created when he limited himself to only one module and a rytm per track, forced to try and be more creative and go more in depth with each chosen module rather than using multiple modules to create more sounds.

‘Addiction Inheritance’ EP comes with three original tracks, ‘All The Bodies Were Calm’, which we are about to present, ‘Drive The Fucken Car’ and ‘Southbond Acid Resotration’, complemented with remixes by ACM and D-Rex.

‘All The Bodies Were Calm’ bursts into action with an aggressive crunch and distorted analogue elements. When the kick really hits a minute in, the full extent of its power takes hold, followed by mangled vocal chants, screeching sweeps and later, spikey, angular tones. All of these factors combine for a driving, tense, and industrial, rave influenced sound, that goes all out to create a path of techno destruction…

‘Addiction Inheritance’ will be available after 12th of November.

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