PREMIERE: Blake – Tribal Transmissions

Triton Records is the new electronic label established by the Italian DJ and producer Blake.

Inspired by the music from Detroit, Blake has published original music under many labels including TRAX Records and Rebirth Records.

For the first release of Triton Records, Blake has crafted two high-quality tracks for the dance floor, ‘Tribal Transmission’ and ‘Hysteria’, and one warm techno soul cut, ‘The Black Goddess’, complemented with the remix from the Detroit legend Scan 7.

‘Chapter I : The Black Goddess (AΦOR)’ EP opens with a high but steady tempo, a rhythmic workout with no little amount of nuance. We are presenting ‘Tribal Transmission’, techno track that builds and evolves in a unique and gradual manner, not unlike early Underground Resistance but with a modern twist.

This astonishing cover, representing The Black Goddess, is made by one of the most influential Detroit artist Abdul Qadim Haqq, designer of historical releases of among others Underground Resistance, Metroplex, Drexciya and Transmat.

‘Chapter I : The Black Goddess (AΦOR)’ EP will be available on vinyl HERE, and as digital download HERE.

Triton Records [SC]