PREMIERE: KØZLØV – Choose Your Digit

For the seventh release, C U O P, an underground techno label from Turkey, is presenting ‘Black On Ammo’ VA compilation featuring original music from some of the most talented Europe’s young producers, from B2, DREAD, KØZLØV, Marina Aleksandra, PBRM, SDB, TRBL, Umbraid and WAST.

We are presenting the third track from KØZLØV, a DJ and producer from France who previously published his original music under various labels including Grounded, Jaelos, MOTZ, ERADYS Records, Green Fetish Records, Måinmise Records, FBM ROSTER, Taro Records and Ignited Lab.

‘Choose Your Digit’ is a percussive industrial techno banger with hypnotic synths and solid acid line.

‘Black On Ammo’ VA will be available after the 10th of September HERE.


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