PREMIERE: Laxenanchaos – My New Kicks Are Dope

Mysterious producer Laxenanchaos is the Anybody Universe label owner and appeared on numerous Bang Face lineups. Not only releasing records for Virgin Babylon and cult label Cock Rock Disco, he is next on Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series.

Influenced by artists such as Xanopticon, Richard Devine or Venetian Snares, he is delivering ‘Depth Psychology’, a melancholic and furious six track EP, that sounds like a footwork, IDM, jungle, acid, techno and breakcore fireworks!

We are presenting the fifth track, crazy jungle cut ‘My New Kicks Are Dope’.

‘Depth Psychology’ EP will be available after the 17th of October HERE.

Laxenanchaos [SC | FB]

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