PREMIERE: Juano Monti – It Comes From The Stars (Darksidevinyl Remix)

Leisure Music Productions, an independent boutique music label based in Vienna, is presenting ‘It Comes From The Stars’ single EP from Argentinian Juano Monti, an astral progressive house journey complemented with three remixes from Jungle & Juice, Geist and Darksidevinyl.

We are presenting a strong afro house remix from Darksidevinyl, an Egyptian DJ and producer based in St. Petersburg.

‘It Comes From The Stars’ EP will be available after the 4th of November HERE.

Juano Monti [SC | FB]

Darksidevinyl [SC]

Leisure Music Production [SC | FB | WEB]

Header image: ‘Milky Way Libya’ by Serag Zwait