PREMIERE: Elias. – Turning Point

HAYES, a Portugal-based record label and collective dedicated to techno and experimental electronic music, is presenting its new release, ‘Turning Point’ EP from Elias. complemented with the remix from Enkō.

Elias. is a Berlin based DJ and producer who has published his original music under the labels Soleil Records, Analog Solutions, Rhythmath / Out-ER, Extrasolar Records and Panel Trax Recordings.

‘Turning Point’ is an ingeniously well worked six track EP set to turn the dance-floor alight with its luminous stabs. It moves us through Elias.’ own semantic system ruled by warm, driven and textured sounds, composed of piercing grooves and lavish tonalities.

We are presenting the title track ‘Turning Point’.

‘Turning Point’ EP will be available after the 3rd of December HERE.

Elias. [SC | FB]