PREMIERE: Fergus Sweetland – Pseudo V2

HAYES, a Portugal-based record label and collective dedicated to techno and experimental electronic music ran by Temudo, ViL, Nørbak and Enkō, is presenting its 16th release, ‘Fergus Sweetland’ EP from Melbourne-based Fergus Sweetland.

“I’ve been working on my sound for some time. It’s a part of my drive to become one of the best to do it in Australia. Now, I think I’ve got my sound to the right place to start achieving that goal.” – Fergus Sweetland

‘Fergus Sweetland’ EP is a meticulous venture that hooks like an addictive compound. A highly effective selection of minimal cuts that dissolve the palpable reality as it engages and surrenders to a surreal form of tribalism.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Pseudo V2’.

‘Fergus Sweetland’ EP will be available after the 3rd of July HERE.

Fergus Sweetland [SC | FB]