PREMIERE: Code Walk – Forget

Code Walk returns to Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with a triptych release spanning three EPs, ‘Separate’, ‘Guide’ and ‘Aim’, with a total of 15 tracks.

Representing the cream of the crop of the young Copenhagen underground, Code Walk expands on the fast techno style of the Danish capital incorporating UK leaning bass and IDM vibrations to create a sound world that is completely their own.

Accompanied by strong visual works by Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen ‘Phases Triptych’, ‘Separate’, ‘Guide’ and ‘Aim’ EPs should not be seen as a collection of tracks but rather a statement by a duo confident of being in the zone.

We are presenting the closing track from ‘Forget’ from ‘Separate’ EP.

‘Separate’ EP will be available after the 14th of September HERE.

Code Walk [SC | FB]

Peder Mannerfelt Produktion [SC | BC]