PREMIERE: Jauzas the Shining – Hydrostatic

The 38th release of Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series is ‘The Discovery of The Senses’, an 11 track electro album from Jauzas the Shining.

Jauzas the Shining was known as Adjust before taking that new alias – which is a salute to Kubrick’s movie and the telepathy of his young character. Since 2001, he is one of the most active electro producers in France, with several solid EPs released on Shipwrec, Last Known Trajectory, Transient Force, New Flesh, Minimum Syndicat or Mechatronica.

From the 90s IDM vibe of the title track ‘The Discovery of The Senses’ to the brutal kick of ‘Papa’, this new album is a deep odyssey into the cold groove of electro sounds. We are presenting the sixth track ‘Hydrostatic’.

‘The Discovery of The Senses’ album will be available after the 23rd of September HERE.

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