PREMIERE: Luis del Carmen – Dark Muse

Standing as one of the most exciting and versatile producers on the circuit currently, Angelo del Carmen has received worldwide acclaim for his tenacious production output under his trance-influenced Parnassvs moniker. Now, fostering a naturally darker and more underground sound palette, Angelo presents his Luis del Carmen alias, joining the techno realm with a brand new two-tracker ‘We Collide’ for Spartaque’s esteemed IAMT Red imprint.

Hailing from San Francisco but currently based in Manila, Angelo del Carmen is a burgeoning DJ and producer on the trance and techno circuits, who also works on cinematic sound design for films. His style of music under his Luis del Carmen sound profile can be best described as dark and cinematic; combining an innate knack for melodies with the beauty of dark tension and aggression found in techno. Following his debut contribution to IAMT Red, del Carmen looks ahead to an upcoming release on Numen later this Summer. Angelo has enjoyed chartering previous releases via Techburst Records, Blackhole Records and Eclipse. Armed with a new arsenal of tracks and a new musical direction, Luis del Carmen proudly revamps his sound and brings forth a new spirit with his name.

We are presenting ‘Dark Muse’, a second track with a sizzling beat; the instant pulse raiser is a complex, fiery production. The hard hitting offering features a driving, propulsive beat paired with an infectious dark energy and haunting vocals.

‘We Collide’ EP will be available after the 23rd of July HERE.

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