PREMIERE: Hemka – Drunk Violins

Skryptöm, a label run by Electric Rescue, is presenting a six track ‘Da Vinci Chords’ EP from the French techno producer Hemka.

Marseille-born Hemka says “Music plays a vital role in my life. It allows me to clear my head, to express my feelings: my joys, my sorrows, my anger. All that I very often have trouble communicating in a general way.” Growing up in a musical family Hemka’s career path is not something of an odd choice, rather the opposite. Playing bass guitar as a teenager and later on experimenting with two turntables and a mixer, she understood she belongs in the club. Being a DJ and techno producer felt as much as a positive challenge as coming home.

Hemka has since 2016 had tracks released on many labels including Labyrinth Music, Float Records, Noise Manifesto, VOLPHONIE, Suara, Balans Records and Rekids.

After first appearing on Skryptöm with her Maxime Dangles remix last month, Hemka continues her quest for the magic techno chords on this epic journey.

‘Da Vinci Chords’ EP will be available after the 3rd of September HERE.

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