Klubikon Podcast 142 – kolek3k

The global pandemic has changed our perception of electronic music forcing us to experience it in a home atmosphere. In order for the people to keep dancing, the performers had to speed up the pace. In this mix recorded exclusively for Klubikon Podcast, which will not give you a chance to break, you can hear how kolek3k is experiencing these changes.

142. Klubikon Podcast mixed by kolek3k features the music from artists such as ADMINISTRATOR, A-STS, Coyu, Justin Schumaher, Steam Shape, Uncertan, Setaoc Mass, YANT and Rustig.

Also, as the end of the mix approaches, you will hear two treats from his friends Volster and Insolate, with whom kolek3k founded TRAUM in 2014. The first one is Volster’s ‘The Wolf’, released on Secession and now goes into vinyl repress, and the second one is Insolate‘s ‘Retrograde Motion’, released on Ellen Allien’s BPitch label.

kolek3k is a DJ, music enthusiast and an audio engineer hailing from Osijek, Croatia. His career started back in 1999 at first just as a DJ but soon to be followed by some of his first events. He has been a well known name on the local scene and in the promoter’s circle since 2003. That alone wasn’t enough of a challenge so he decided to fully commit himself to learning as much as possible about the art of making music. As of 2012. kolek3k is also an audio engineer with a London Middllesex University diploma. In 2014 he started his brand Koscak Audio for event organizing, producing, mixing and mastering audio in his studio, and acoustic treatment in small and big rooms.

kolek3k has played with a quite large number of well known DJs over the years and also hosted numerous events under various organizational monikers. Techno event TRAUM is without a doubt the strongest and the most recognizable brand of them all. TRAUM collective is a direct result of a years-long collaboration with Insolate and Volster, and since its very beginning in 2014 it has been the strongest brand for underground electronic music in Croatia. kolek3k has also launched an event collective REZ, which is more focused on promoting up and coming DJs leaning more towards house music.

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