M.F.S: Observatory: From Mount Vesuvius to the Big Smoke

Napolitan DJ and producer M.F.S: Observatory follows up their previous EP ‘T’ on their own Observatory Music imprint with two impressive big room cuts dubbed ‘U’. Now London based, we get the chance chat to him about the new release, the label, moving cities and future plans.

Welcome to Klubikon, Mattias, also known as M.F.S: Observatory. You’ve recently announced your new EP ‘U’ on Observatory Music, are you excited to return to your own imprint?

Thank you for inviting me, guys. Yes, it’s always exciting to come back on my imprint, especially with this new EP, which continues the alphabetic series that I started a few years ago.

This release sees you returning to your label with ‘U’, which is a completely different vibe from several releases in the series. What were your intentions with the new EP?

Yeah, it is a different sound. During the lockdown, I tried to evolve my sound. I always try to change the vibes of the tracks and mix a bit of all my influences.

Is there a reason behind the one-letter naming of the EP’s you’ve released on Observatory Music?

Yes, the reason is to complete my evolution as a musician and artist, and find my complete sound across the series.

You’re originally from Napoli and recently moved to London. How are you settling in the city?

London is amazing, I love this city. The vibes are completely different from Italy, and I had the opportunity to study what I love without any barriers or problems.

Do you use much hardware to produce, and if so – did you need to leave a part of your studio behind in Italy? What’s your studio looking like at the moment?

Yes is use a lot of plugins that I like and have on my computer. And no, I didn’t leave any pieces in Italy, luckily I managed to send everything to London. My studio is a simple one; I have a drum machine, a keyboard, and a modular synth which I bought last month.

Last summer you worked with Maya Jane Coles on an EP, what was it like working with her? With your busy release schedule, are you planning to do more collaborations in the future?

Working with Maya was one of the best experiences of my life and something I still can not believe happened. I don’t know if there will be another collaboration, but never say never.

What’s next for your project? Is there anything coming up you’d like to share with us?

Yes, a lot is coming up in the next year. I signed an EP with Kneaded Pains in collaboration with Lazy Ants, and I will also make my debut on Superfett Records. A few days ago, I also signed a new EP with the sister label of Food Music (Takeout).

When you started M.F.S: Observatory in 2015, you were a trio with Fransesco and Salvatore; this was before continuing as a duo with Fransesco. How do you feel about going into 2022 as a solo project?

I feel extremely excited to start my solo projects and share my own sound and vision as M.F.S: Observatory. Thank you!

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