PREMIERE: Laikka – Will We Still Be There

Laikka, the alias of rising duo Mortiz Wunderwald and Alex Gruehn, returns to experimental Austrian outpost Fabrique Records with a vigorous ‘Red’ EP that brings their love for raw, gritty techno to the surface.

Formed in 2020, the Vienna-based pair have been weaving their vivid fusion of dreamy pop, experimental electronics and dark techno through Fabrique Records since their inaugural release in March last year, with debut LP ‘Morning Glow’ cementing their status as artists to watch.

“Red is the manifestation of our love for dark, dirty techno and the culture that surrounds it. It is loud, bass-heavy, industrial and embodies excess, release and a sense of endlessness. Both of us find freedom and a deeper connection to our bodies in club culture. Through Red, we embrace this side of our personal and artistic selves by moving through different electronic sound aesthetics.” – Laikka

Laikka’s big appeal as a stimulating, intriguing act to follow is their multifacetedness. Galvanised by a clear vision to blur the boundaries between the music and art world, the duo’s deftness in multiple creative pursuits has given them almost complete authority over their output, from the music productions to the audiovisual installations, graphics, live shows and music videos. The appearance of the band is often influenced by a digital aesthetic, as well as being seen to consistently break out of classic male stereotypes and attributes.

‘Red’ EP consists of four tracks, ‘The Lights Inside’, ‘Have Darkened’, ‘Will We Still Be There’ and ‘When They Reappear’. We are presenting ‘Will We Still Be There’.

‘Red’ EP will be available after the 6th of May HERE.