PREMIERE: Shades of Play – No Promises

Washington DC-based label Witty Tunes is presenting ‘Microdose’ EP from the house and techno duo Shades of Play.

Bringing together Midwestern Native American, Black, and South American cultures, Shades Of Play is a Washington DC-based duo composed of longtime friends Derek Tucker and Felipe Rivera. With sounds ranging from heavy, pulsating, primal rhythms to progressive rock and jazz-influenced fusions; their sounds are a direct result of their ancestral roots and explore the broader spectrums of electronic, house, and techno music.

Consisting of five tracks, ‘Gazuza’, ‘NYC Lovin’, ‘Microdose’, ‘No Promises’ and ‘Mirrors & Masks’, ‘Microdose’ EP is a moody, exploratory trip through divergent shades of experimental house and techno.

We are presenting ‘No Promise’, a sparkling, uplifting house track that pairs sophisticated percussion with dreamy soundscapes. Its tribal-inspired sound is ripe for steamy summer dance floors and sunny afternoon sessions alike.

‘Microdose’ EP will be available after the 13th of May HERE.