PREMIERE: Luigi Madonna – CNTMP 1.01

Luigi Madonna is entering a new chapter in his ongoing evolution as an artist that celebrates artistry, progression and most importantly, the cardinal roots of Napoli’s hard-hitting strain of techno. Embarking on the launch of his debut label and event initiative, Contempo, Luigi shares the first in a series of opuses to introduce his revitalised sound profile – the three-track EP ‘Contempo Vol. 1’.

A fresh creative outlet for this newfound musical direction, Contempo serves to supply the underground community with a harder and faster strain of techno that hints at nineties revivalism, whilst breeding contemporary sound design elements. Translating to “with time/tempo”, Contempo references a change in pace for Luigi’s output, opting for 140 + bpm cuts that will no doubt satiate the modern audience’s craving for intense and uncompromising beats.

‘Contempo Vol. 1’ presents in three parts, ‘CNTMP 1.01’, ‘CNTMP 1.02’ and ‘CNTMP 1.03’, with a strong undercurrent of raw and unyielding techno at its core.

We are presenting ‘CNTMP 1.01’, where Luigi Madonna employs a thunderous kick and crisp percussion to announce the arrival of this fresh techno perspective. The hollow kick subsides, making way for Luigi’s hypercharged acid-laced top-line to ring out on the off beats, before a flurry of soundscapes and sound design elements guide us to its apex. The cut pivots at the break, revealing an ulterior identity that’s founded on acid rave stabs and break-beat-tinged rhythms.

‘Contempo Vol. 1’ will be available after the 24th of June HERE.