PREMIERE: Adrian Freedman, Bettina Maureenji, Nick Barber – Om Tryambakam (Nils Olav Remix)

Nils Olav remixes Adrian Freedman, Bettina Maureenji and Nick Barber on Nixi Music.

Norwegian producer Nils Olav returns to his imprint Nixi Music, which he operates with co-founder Txai Fernando, for another stunning Adrian Freedman remix. After remixing ‘Deep Space Blue’ from Adrian’s ‘Kindred Souls’ album, he now follows up with a rework of ‘Om Tryambakam’ from the same LP.

The original track sees shakuhachi master Adrian Freedman team up with producer Nick ‘Doof’ Barber to deliver a release rooted in spirituality and symbolism. Aligned with Nixi Music’s values and its space within medicine music, ‘Om Tryambakam’ features the sacred Hindu ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Mantram’ chants beautifully performed by musician and sound healer Bettina Maureenji. Given these excellent conditions, Nils Olav’s remix expertly incorporates live bass leading a mysterious sitar and soothing synths through arrangements of added percussion.

We are presenting ‘Om Tryambakam (Nils Olav Remix)’.

‘Om Tryambakam (Nils Olav Remix)’ will be available after the 5th of August HERE.