PREMIERE: Noha – Hello Hunter

Noha readies his debut album ‘The Abyss Between A and B’ on A Beautiful Place.

Born and raised in Rome and now based in Berlin, Noha is a painter and musician crafting delicate and expressive electronic music, founding the Panick Panick label in 2016. Now launching the new ‘A Beautiful Place’ imprint with the new album ‘The Abyss Between A and B’, the artist reveals a new approach to music which encapsulates his newfound freedom of expression.

From the ambient bliss on opener ‘Today’ through to warped electronics and emotive pads on closing track ‘Maha’, Noha’s debut album is a triumphant display of considered production, vast soundscapes, and emotionally charged musical output. Distilling a wide range of influences into eight inspired tracks, Noha delivers a deeply personal yet inviting look into his invigorating musical worldview.

“During the last two years, the change in environment from the club scene, experiencing a true change, music has helped me to express and document what it meant to go from one starting position to another one, a new unknown one. This space, this abyss between known and unknown, felt like an abyss. Exploring this new territory was the inspiration for my new album and label, A Beautiful Place. Learning to find a new way to be creative, a quieter and more peaceful approach even in these ever-changing conditions, felt like an adventure. This album is an invitation to this new found place within me.” – Noha

We are presenting the sixth track ‘Hello Hunter’.

‘The Abyss Between A and B’ will be available after the 3rd of October HERE.