PREMIERE: Boom Merchant – Dance (Homma Honganji Remix)

Boom Merchant is back on his Tribal Pulse with a bang, with the ‘Dance’ EP brimming with percussive power and harmonic colour.

Boom Merchant, a DJ, producer and Tribal Pulse label boss, is curating a unique strain of techno using a collection of analogue machines, laced with galactic sparkles and jungle warhorns that set him aside from any other electronic artist. Forming a like minded collective around him, Boom Merchant sets out on a mission with his tribe to revive the Glasgow underground electronic scene. Resident DJ at the Shower Rooms and Tribal Pulse. On the airwaves at Groove City Radio and Proton Radio.

Title track ‘Dance’ rises gradually from the haze as lush pads and strings give way to a thumping kick drum and saturated bass pulses. Tight rhythmic sections guide the piece into an emotional breakdown, with inimitable Glasgow artist Frankie Robertson lending his voice to a rising euphoria that breaks into a slick but slamming percussion groove.

‘Canyon’ slows the pace but wades into darker territory, with a tough groove and murky synths leading into driving, distorted Moog warps that make this one a proper peak time gem.

Homma Honganji closes the EP with a remix of ‘Dance’ that never stops evolving, with the melodic sections of the original re- jigged and layered over his own distinct TR-909 programming.

We are presenting the remix of ‘Dance’ from the Japanese DJ and producer Homma Honganji.

‘Dance’ EP will be available after the 5th of October HERE.