PREMIERE: 3​.​14 – Pleba

The 48th release of Tripalium Corp‘s Digital Mutant Series is ‘Sticks over Carrots (Archives 2016​-​2021, Part I)’ from 3​.​14.

Greek-born DJ and producer Alex π is the founder of Pi Electronics label and event series, as well as co-founder of record label Modal Analysis. He is an adept of many genres, ranging from industrial, techno, EBM and electro to ambient, experimental and noise. Under his moniker 3.14, he has numbered releases on venerated imprints such as Amok Tapes, CLFT, MORD, Khemia, Area Z, Gwi Myeon, the 29Nov Films and System Revival.

In the post pandemic era, 3​.​14 releases his archive of productions from the years 2016 – 2021, a blend of techno and EBM influences, with processed vocals and noisy textures, in a ‘song’ like structure. Aiming to crossover the ’80s aesthetic to a techno type of production using machines of the ’10s, the concept here is to avoid the sounding of a tool track while still staying within the borders of dance-floor minded music.

The archives will be released in two installments: Part I on Tripalium Corp and Part II on Soil Records.

We are presenting the fifth track of the first part, ‘Pleba’.

‘Sticks over Carrots (Archives 2016​-​2021, Part I)’ will be available after the 18th of November HERE.