PREMIERE: Aöcram – Sentimientos que Salen del Ser (Eyvind Blix Reinterpretation)

Aöcram aims for timeless techno as a form of self-expression. The hidden artist presents a reinterpretation package of his three-tracker ‘Never Stop Questioning’ EP, which got played on demanding dancefloors of venues such as Berghain and Bassiani. Techno masterminds Eyvind Blix, Yogg, and HD Substance are the names chosen to reinterpret Aöcram’s original work.

We are presenting the reinterpretation from the Berlin-based Eyvind Blix. This first track of the EP is a journey as mental as physical; it will surely delight illustrated dancers. Here Eyvind proves why he has released on labels such as Semantica, Pole Group’s AINE, or Oslated and performed at insignia venues like Tresor.

‘Never Stop Questioning (Reinterpretations)’ EP will be available after the 9th of December HERE.