PREMIERE: No Intellectual Property – Now This

Naples and Rotterdam based label Scena_731 is presenting its newest 12-track techno VA titled ‘Contaminated Culture Part III’.

Scena_731 is a vinyl and digital label that has featured music by Noneoftheabove, Ryuji Takeuchi, Endlec and label head Yari Greco.

‘Contaminated Culture Part III’ VA welcomes new and returning artists, Yari Greco, Gigi Galli, Øperat, DSD, Tolebham, JASSASS, AEIT, M00DY, No Intellectual Property, Viktor Abai and Ryuji Takeuchi, who have collectively released on labels such as SNTS’s Sacred Court, The Advent’s Kombination Research, A.Paul’s Naked Lunch, Exos’ Planet X and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien.

Expect to hear gritty, raw and tough industrial cuts, with ’90s style, acid hooks and EBM influences.

We are presenting the ninth track ‘Now This’ from the Columbian DJ and producer No Intellectual Property.

‘Contaminated Culture Part III’ VA will be available after the 8th of March HERE.