PREMIERE: After Altamont – Tha Spasw Koupes ft. Dunja Botic (Lamusa II Remix)

After Altamont, the mysterious live band alias of Stavros Potamitis and Constantinos Parisinos, return to Inside Out Records with a truly collaborative EP, ‘Elektriki Rembetologia’. Rebetiko briefly can be described as the urban popular song of the Greeks, especially the poorest, from the late 19th century to the 1950s, outlawed and driven underground during the Ottoman Empire. Rebetiko grew out of particular urban circumstances. Often its lyrics reflect the harsher realities of a marginalized subculture’s lifestyle. Thus one finds themes such as crime, drink, drugs, poverty, prostitution and violence, but also a multitude of themes of relevance to Greek people of any social stratum: death, eroticism, exile, exoticism, disease, love, marriage, matchmaking, the mother figure, work war.

After Altamont set a psychedelic, theatrical, hypnotic journey throughout the album. They fuse slow hypnotic grooves, analog electronics and traditional Greek musical instruments for their interpretation of the known Mpournovalia and ‘Tha Spasw Koupes’, featuring original vocals by the incredibly talented Dunja Botic. The third track ‘Aspra Xwmata’ is an original song which includes a virtuoso original Greek bouzouki improvised solo and spoken vocals by Anna Maria Harokopou, a very influential music personality in the Athenian electronic music scene. The EP’s psychedelic journey is strengthened by beautiful remixes from Lamusa II, Steve Pepe, METAMAN of the WonTon Records and Anna Disclaim.

We are presenting the remix of ‘Tha Spasw Koupes’ from Lamusa II aka Giampaolo Scapigliati, an Italian electronic musician and DJ based in Milan, John Talabot, Marie Davidson, Marco Passarani, Silent Servant, Gianni Gebbia collaborator and Assembly Group member.

‘Elektriki Rembetologia’ EP will be available after the 24th of March HERE.