PREMIERE: Mark Wildman – Bright Senses

HVRDTRVX RECORDS, a new Berlin-based label for powerful modern techno, is presenting the ‘Severity’ EP from Australian DJ and producer Mark Wildman.

Sydney-based Mark Wildman loves to bring high energy with his inspirations from a diverse background in music styles and genres such as hard trance, early hardstyle and hardcore.

Mark Wildman’s productions are influenced by fast tempos, hard-hitting kicks, powerful synths and driving drums. Crafting a dark powerful sound palette for the ears to enjoy and the body to resonate with while taking you on a journey. He has published his music on labels such as Mavic Music, Subtek Music and Darkground Records.

The EP consists of two hard techno tracks, ‘Severity’ and ‘Bright Senses’.

We are presenting ‘Bright Senses’.

‘Severity’ EP will be available after the 1st of April HERE.