PREMIERE: Martyn Hare – Mark Your Territory (Wallis’ And Destroy Your Enemies Remix)

Rebekah brings techno legend Martyn Hare to her Elements label, with remixes by Wallis and Dahryl.

Weighty drums stampede in Martyn Hare’s ‘Mark Your Territory’, the thunderous roar of a reese bass growls while a flurry of hi-hats swirls above. Wallis remixes the track with the raw energy associated with her Jell label and animated sets, introducing warped vocals and a hefty dose of trance-inducing rhythm. Martyn then returns with ‘Panzatron’, in which forbidding arpeggios and sequenced alarms create a high-flown dance floor experience meant to get lost in. Soma and Moments In Time artist Dahryl turns the heat up in his version of the track, summoning a vortex of energies through distorted kicks and a coarse acid-line.

With releases on labels like Earwiggle, Planet Rhythm, and Perc Trax, Martyn Hare has been a constant in UK techno since entering the scene in the 2000s. His unfiltered, rough sound now lands on Rebekah’s Elements imprint, one of the leading labels in the harder realms of techno, following in the footsteps of artists like unperson, Lag, Noneoftheabove and many more.

We are presenting the Wallis’ Destroy Your Enemy Remix.

‘Mark Your Territory’ EP will be available after the 14th of April HERE.