Affekt Recordings has its base in Frosinone, Italy and has been ran by Alex Dolby since 2012 culminating a passion for raw, hypnotic techno. The label’s back catalogue of music has seen artists like Evod, Divide, Alex Bau, VSK, MTD, and Mental Resonance make contributions.

Affekt is celebrating 10 Years with a huge VA that has been reduced to this 33 track compilation sampler made of unreleased works and classic tracks from their archive featuring Jonas Kopp, Inigo Kennedy, Stanislav Tolkachev, Grindvik and more.

The collection of artists have featured on esteemed labels ranging from Jeff Mills’ Axis, Kr!z’s Token, Bas Mooy’s Mord, Ben Sims’ Symbolism and Berlin’s Tresor.

Expect to hear rough textures and tough rhythms from a wide variety of analogue techno including experimental and abstract ideas, to more club focused DJ weapons.

We are presenting the 17th track, PTTRNRCRRNT’s ‘Virtue 1’.

’10 Years of Affekt Recordings’ will be available after the 28th of July HERE.