PREMIERE: Onelas – Catch Your Breath

Lee Ann RobertsNowNow Records is presenting ‘Funnel Soundwaves’, a dynamic and electrifying techno compilation, featuring the hottest tracks in the scene. This highly anticipated album is set to energize dancefloors worldwide, delivering an intense and immersive musical experience.

‘Funnel Soundwaves’ showcases a carefully curated selection of 16 tracks by Sina XX, Part Time Killer, Auriga (SP), VENTUR, ACOR, Drazzit, Flour, Lee Ann Roberts, Onelas, Nineted, Spencer Dunning, RIOT CODE, Kollision, URI, Vizionn and SWART. Each track possesses a relentless energy that is sure to captivate techno enthusiasts. From driving basslines to pounding beats, this compilation pushes the boundaries of sound and delivers an unrelenting sonic journey.

We are presenting Onelas’ ‘Catch Your Breath’ which combines relentless energy with intricate percussive elements and driving basslines. Get ready for a track that will keep you on your toes, demanding your full attention from start to finish.

‘Funnel Soundwaves’ VA will be available after the 11th of August HERE.