PREMIERE: Rasgar – Mapas (Rainmaker RG4L Remix)

Among a flurry of voices, Rasgar presents ‘Intersticios Remixes’, five reinterpretations from MALO2K, Ripio, Entrañas, Rainmaker and CRRDR, the five Latin American artists that fit into Artificio‘s diverse and exciting sonic universe.

MALO2K opens with his unmistakable vibe through modern rhythms that have been rocking dance floors. Ripio adds percussive elements with a subtle and hypnotic slow-burn style. The mighty Entrañas gives a syncopated breath of more appreciative Andean and folkloric melodies, while Rainmaker smashes with his fervent version, turning up the pace and intensity of the EP that ends in ecstasy ready to rock anyone. Closing, CRRDR delivers an intermittent track that combines exuberant pads and complex riffs that converge in a remix where speed provides tension and euphoria.

We are presenting the RG4L Remix of the track ‘Mapas’ from Rainmaker.

‘Intersticios Remixes’ EP will be available after the 1st of September HERE.