PREMIERE: Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – Kai Groove

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf presents a stripped-back and atmospheric deep tech and deep techno ‘In a Sea of Random Noise’ EP on his record label Hummingbird by BPZ.

The three tracks on ‘In a Sea of Random Noise’ EP are in Benjamin Philippe Zulauf’s trademark style, which fuses raw percussion and analogue synths, similar to what he has released via imprints such as Claap Rec, Vekton Black, Fourier Transform and Hummingbird by BPZ.

Born in Switzerland and raised in the UK, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf also spent many years living in Australia, and along with the underground cultures of those countries, his sound is inspired by artists ranging from Mike Shannon to Jeff Mills.

Not only is Benjamin Philippe Zulauf a skilled producer, he is also an accomplished DJ who has shared the booth with people ranging from Shonky to John Heckle. His music has also been supported by influential DJs including the likes of DJ Rolando, Fred P, DJ Sprinkles, Laurent Garnier, Âme, and DJ Bone.

‘A Light That Never Goes Out’ opens the release with shimmering pads and claps washed in a trippy phase effect while the acid bassline creates low-frequency pulses.

‘Kai Groove’ has dubby chord stabs layered over an intense bassline, spiralling pads, and gritty drum sounds that are sequenced into upbeat rhythms.

‘Redheads’ has a framework of solid percussion that’s overlaid by rippling pads and fizzing hi-hats, while rhythmic stabs add a jackin’ flow to the immersive groove.

We are presenting the second track ‘Kai Groove’.

‘In a Sea of Random Noise’ EP will be available after the 12th of April HERE.