Balthazar & JackRock: Charlotte de Witte accidentally heard ‘In The Dark’ and fell in love

Balthazar & JackRock’s techno journey began in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, a long time ago. From DJing across the globe, organizing their own events and festivals, to releasing on some of the most renowned labels including Drumcode, Filth On Acid, and Terminal M, Balthazar & JackRock have been deeply entrenched in the global electronic music scene for the past 28 years.

Beyond their solo endeavors, Balthazar & JackRock have collaborated with some of the most iconic artists, such as Richie Hawtin for his audio-visual album ‘CLOSE Combined,’ released on his label Plus 8. They’ve also remixed hits from artists like Emmanuel Top, Jam & Spoon, and Monika Kruse, among others.

Now, Balthazar & JackRock published ‘In The Dark’ EP for Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT. The three track techno EP is available HERE and has already been supported by big names like Adam Beyer, Eli Brown, Enrico Sangiuliano, and of course, label boss Charlotte de Witte.

We talked with Balthazar & JackRock about the ‘In The Dark’ EP and scene in Sofia. Also the guys have some tips for younger producers.

Congrats on your first release on KNTXT – has this been a label you have wanted to release on for some time?

Thank you! It’s a truly exciting moment. Well, it has always been a dream, but we didn’t actually send demos. It seems like one of those things that was meant to happen. Charlotte accidentally heard the track, fell in love, and got in touch with us about it. From there, we worked for several months to shape the complete EP.

‘In The Dark’ has three brand new tracks from you. How does this release differ from some of your other music?

Generally, it follows our signature vibe of strong drive and ethereal synths, but as an EP, it marks a slight shift back to our roots for a faster and more raving sound.

Can you tell us how you produce and pitch new music to labels you have not yet released on? Advise for younger producers that you feel is helpful?

Well, this is a long process that requires devotion and patience. For producers who are still at the beginning of their path, finding the right demo email can be pretty complicated. They should start by approaching more established artists in the desired sound, eventually attending gatherings and events where they can make such connections. It’s crucial to start releasing when they are confident they have good quality and ideas. Many people rush to send demos too early, and labels may associate them with names they don’t check. Another way to catch the attention of major artists with labels is to consistently release good music that eventually finds its way into their sets.

You are both from Sofia, can you tell us a little about the music scene there in terms of events, clubs and talent?

The scene has been blooming in recent years. There are clubs and venues of different sizes hosting everything from house to hard techno. Regular big events with proper international lineups are common, and we’re happy to see that almost every event is pretty crowded. Some Sofia artists you may know are KiNK, Timmo, Metodi Hristov, Pavel Petrov, and recently, we’ve seen more and more new talents emerging, showing remarkable potential.

Vinyl or digital? Do you use and collect both?

Well, we started back in the days when vinyl was the only option and with the time went digital of course as you have much more flexibility in any term especially playing mostly unreleased stuff by us and friends. Vinyl or digital as sound. In an ideal world – vinyl, but nowadays too much music is made digital, loud, oversaturated so the wax benefits wouldn’t make much sense.

When touring, do you have some essentials that you can’t live without?

Charger 🙂

Finally, where are you playing next?

Our favourite spot in our city, Sofia – EXE club. It feels like home, with hundreds of friends, an amazing vibe, and just recently charted for another year in the Top 100 clubs, making it an extra special moment.

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