KØZLØV: I fell in love with techno music right here in Croatia

French techno artist Florian Kozlowski KØZLØV who gathers millions of streams thanks to successful tracks such as “Tchernobyl” or “She Wants You To Go Harder” will perform at the first edition of the Verknipt Holiday Croatia Festival, taking place from June 30th to July 4th at Zrće Beach. On this occasion, he shared with us what he is preparing for the daytime and nighttime parties at the festival, how he is preparing, and what he expects from the summer on the Adriatic. If you didn’t know, this techno artist discovered his passion for electronic music precisely at a festival on the Croatian coast ten years ago, and as he says, everything started for him right here in Croatia.

What have you prepared for your performance on Verknipt Croatia Festival?

I’ve made some unreleased and collab tracks to play there, and because I’m playing three times in the festival, people can expect a different set for each performance.

What makes Verknipt special, why should every techno lover experience it?

When I play for Verknipt the energy is stunning, every time you find good vibes on the stage and also behind backstage. The crowd stay from the beginning until the end. It is appreciable when you play an early set.

What can someone expect from the Verknipt Croatia Festival?

I think as a raver, you can find on every stage a lot of artists, can be famous or “new” ones & interesting to discover some of them. You add with that a lot of sun and you find the perfect cocktail “Verknipt Croatia”.

Have you ever been to Croatia before or have you experienced the Croatian summer? If yes, what did you like the most? If not, do you have any expectations?

Yes, it reminds me of beautiful memories when I was there with some friends 10 years ago for Sonus Festival. We spent one week on holiday and bought tickets for this festival without knowing techno. We all fall in love with this music. Everything started from this point.

How do you prepare for a festival like this with boat parties, day parties and night parties?

For example, I’m going to put more melodies during sunset, it works definitely for this time. After that for the night ones, I’m going straight as usual aha.

How would you describe your style of mixing and producing?

For mixing I like to play without big breaks, something powerful with lot of elements from 2 or 3 tracks at the same time. For producing it depends on my mood but nowadays I like to use fake drop and work around some vocals, I really like the new way of hard techno.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

Yes, I’m starting my own label during MAY, with my upcoming release, the 2024 edit of the famous “TCHERNOBYL” track. After that an EP with some collab tracks in it, but you’re going to see with who, I’m really proud of this announcement.

What are your plans for this summer?

Gigs of course ahah, but spend time with my friends as well. Last year was really intense with no breaks, so this time end of August I’m going to Colombia for some holidays. And let’s see where I will be afterwards.

What are your festival essentials?

Sunglasses, suncream (white skin aha) and light clothing.

The leading global organization for hard techno events, Dutch Verknipt, brings its Verknipt Croatia Holiday Festival to Pag, the most popular party destination, including beaches, clubs, and party boats at Zrće Beach, from June 30th to July 4th. The festival will feature names such as Creeds, Basswell, Oguz, Kntrlvrlst, Carv, Omaks, Køzløv, Diøn, Cristobal Pesce, Franky-B, Nikolina, Xenia, and other prominent leaders of this rapidly growing and increasingly popular genre of electronic music worldwide.

Information about the festival and daily tickets, packages including accommodation in apartments or villas with a pool, as well as the full lineup and program, can be found on the official festival website HERE.