PREMIERE: Thomas Hostler – You Can Not See Me

Corpus Black presents five-track techno EP ‘No Diary’ by Thomas Hostler.

Thomas Hostler is a distinguished figure in the techno and modular music scene. His innovative approach to electronic music has garnered attention for its intricate soundscapes and experimental techniques. Utilizing modular synthesizers, Hostler crafts immersive auditory experiences that push the boundaries of traditional techno.

In the studio, Hostler’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in his productions. He often layers complex rhythms and melodies, creating tracks that are both hypnotic and engaging. His releases have been praised for their depth and innovation, contributing significantly to the evolution of modern techno.

We are presenting the fifth track ‘You Can Not See Me’.

‘No Diary’ EP will be available after the 20th of June HERE.