VIDEO: Julian DeMarre – Finland

German video artist Caspar-Jan Hogerzeil delivered a somber, yet engaging video for Camouflage collaborator and soundtrack composer Julian DeMarre‘s “Finland”, conjuring post-industrial psychedelia through employing cut-up methods on monochromatic archive material. The heavy barrage of symbols refers to the esoteric cassette / VHS culture of the 80’s, while applying the final touch with contemporary effects. This way the very nature of the track is complimented, as it reflects the Kosmische Musik / minimal wave references in the harmonies and colors of synthlines, providing a tasteful shot of retro-futuristic nostalgia for the black clad legions.

The track “Finland” is to be found on “Electric Child” album, published by mysterious label Hommebot and ready to be obtained HERE.

Read the full feature in Croatian HERE.