PREMIERE: Dominik Fröhlich – Delusion

Hakiri Records is presenting the ‘Nacht’ EP from the label boss Dominik Fröhlich.

Hakiri Records is a label from Nuremberg, Germany and headed up by Dominik Fröhlich it is a vessel for his own works as well as combining with other artists.

Dominik Fröhlich is an up-and-coming producer who has been making waves after recently working with Luca Maniaci the owner of Mind Games and who has released on Josh Wink’s Ovum for example.

‘Nacht’ EP consists of five techno tracks, ‘Nacht’, ‘Izanagi’, ‘Pentalpha’, ‘Pandora’ and ‘Delusion’.

We are presenting the closing track ‘Delusion’, a delicate mix of driving techno with deeper, atmospheric elements.

‘Nacht’ EP will be available after the 23rd of September HERE.