PREMIERE: Blazej Malinowski – Wave

Polish-born, Berlin-based producer Blazej Malinowski steps up to Aquaregia with three serene techno tracks while 747 remixes.

The internationally established Malinowski runs the Inner Tension label as a platform for his productions, collaborations and releases from emerging artists in the scene. He is also the founder of the audio-visual ambient/experimental series Why So Silent?, which hosts events everywhere from Poland to Berlin, Stockholm to Seoul. He has landed on labels like The Gods Planet, Kontrafaktum, Semantica, Silent Season and many more.

Blazej Malinowski kicks off ‘Moods’ EP with the deeply seductive ‘Wave’, with its snaking bass, gurgling acid and splashy cymbals. This moody and atmospheric late-night techno cut is one for the mind as much as the body. The cavernous ‘Silent Resistance’ is another slice of perfectly smooth deep techno with bottomless depths. The bass is rubbery, the smeared synths are full of lo-fi soul and the whole track is designed for late-night meditations.

The excellent ‘Acid Theory’ is another widescreen and rolling techno triumph. The deft sound design brings rich melody and evocative sci-fi motifs that drift through space as you march on. Remixer 747 is a DJ and producer from Vancouver who has made plenty of fine acid contributions to Aquaregia, including his fantastic eight-track Paleo series. He spins the original into a cosmic broken beat techno workout with soft, gooey synths gently rising and falling as you gaze off into the distance.

‘Moods’ EP is a high-class deep techno offering from the on-form Blazej Malinowski.

We are preseting the first track ‘Moods’.

‘Moods’ EP will be available after the 13th of January HERE.