PREMIERE: Matthieu P – Der Konsum

Berlin-based label Safeword Records is presenting ‘Conducere’, the debut EP from Matthieu P.

Matthieu P is the newest techno-focused alias of Franco-German producer, sound engineer, Safeword Records and Lemon Test label founder and DJ Matthieu Petitmangin, who is also known as Liebherr.

For this ‘Conducere’ EP, Matthieu P used a variety of new techniques he learned over the isolation period of the pandemic.

The opener ‘Der Konsum’ holds no prisoners and shows Matthieu’s talent for wild sound design and driving percussion. The dubbed out title track ‘Conducere’ drops the tempo but not the energy and shows Matthieu P is truly a master in conducting his DAW and synths. At a glance a very simple track, until you listen more closely and hear the incredible amount of care and detail that has been put into every sound. Finally, ‘Cicatrices’ with its shed-like stabs and a frantic top line make the track sound both nostalgic and futuristic.

‘Conducere’ is a strong first EP that will appeal to the most discerning dance floors.

We are presenting ‘Der Konsum’.

‘Conducere’ EP will be available after the 3rd of March HERE.