PREMIERE: Jeroen Search – The Curve

Molecular Recordings proudly announces the release of ‘Structure Series 1’, a special vinyl collection marking the label’s 30th anniversary.

‘Structure Series 1’ features six unreleased tracks from both veteran artists and emerging producers, Jeroen Search, Linear System, Ma Haiping, Inigo Kennedy, Decoder and Flaws, highlighting the Molecular Recordings’ ongoing commitment to innovative and high-quality techno music.

For three decades, Molecular Recordings has been a leader in the techno scene, continually pushing the genre’s boundaries and redefining its sound. ‘Structure Series 1’ is a testament to this legacy, blending the work of established artists who have shaped the label’s history with fresh talent poised to influence its future.

‘Structure Series 1’ is more than a collection of tracks; it is a celebration of Molecular Recordings’ journey and a glimpse into its future. This release commemorates 30 years of musical innovation and signals the beginning of a new chapter in techno.

We are presenting the opening track ‘The Curve’ by Jeroen Search.

‘Structure Series 1’ VA will be available after the 15th of July HERE.