PREMIERE: David Mijatovic – Dvocevka

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

“When I started with the Secession Records label, my goal was to release my own music and to have complete control of the creative output. But somehow, I discovered my other passion and that is, discovering new talents. It’s a pure feeling and it just feels right for me at this point of my life. Until now, Secession introduced a handful of artists to the world, like Tehotu, Jacobworld, Paul Laurens, Hitam, Phil Berg etc.. and now it’s time for David Mijatovic to show the talent he has.”Volster

David Mijatovic delivers four contemporary techno cuts on ‘Differential’ EP, well suited for a new generation of techno artists and DJs.

We are presenting the fourth track, ‘Dvocevka’.

‘Differential’ EP will be available after the 2nd of December HERE.